Yahphoto (YouAtHomePhoto) offers a friendly, flexible photography service in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Parties & Events
  • Corporate Head Shots
  • Holiday Postcards
  • Boudouir
  • Dudeouir
  • Ask!

Holiday Cards!!
$250 for 50 Holiday Cards - photo shoot at location of your choice!

$100-125 Single headshot for business cards etc.
$200 Dating profile pics, professional, but not too professional looking
$500 Children’s Parties, 11x13” photo book with 40+ photos
$900 Boudoir/Dudoir 11x13” photo book, non-studio lighting
$1500 As above, with onsite studio lighting, props etc.
$2000 As above, make-up and hair artist(s) provided

Prices subject to discounts and variations pending specific circumstances. Huge discounts per-person for group head-shots.

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