From Scott:


I've been reviewing the photos you gave me today, and I can't tell you how happy I am with them.

They capture what I envisioned perfectly, although many of them are much more beautiful than I imagined!

You are truly an artist, and I'm glad to have been in your very capable hands."

From Danni:

"Men are so hard to shop for, and when I asked mine what he wanted this year all he answered was "You". So I wanted to give him what he asked for - in a way he'd never seen me before.

I researched several photographers before finding Yahphoto.

Ian answered all of my questions openly and honestly, and made me feel completely at ease before I ever stepped foot into his studio. We discussed the character of the photos I wanted and he understood exactly how to achieve it.

Ian's professionalism made every step simple, comfortable and fun. When he sent me the final product I was amazed that incredibly beautiful woman in the photos was me!

This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I'm glad I chose wisely - I highly recommend Ian and Yahphoto."

From Doug:

"Ian is approachable, professional, and thorough; his aesthetic and technical skills establish him firmly as a higher class of photographic artist.

I recommend You@Home Photo to anyone I know looking for an affordable, flexible, and personable photographic artist."

Doug Broussard


From Connie:

"I had a really great time yesterday! You got some really awesome shots, and frankly, you're just kewl peeps to hang out with! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into the day...

Can't wait to get home and look at the pics!

You definitely have a real flair for this, and I really did have a lot of fun."



ps: Yes, I am REALLY tired today. But hecka worth it!!"

From Dani:

"IAN I just saw them and they r amazing!!!!!! You're soo awesome!!!!!!! I look amazing!!! Who would have known? lol!

Ian thanks again!!! I'll have to really think about which ones i'd like to be all done up :)"